Chong on allegations against appointee's firm

Earlier, we reported BC Progress Board member Cindy Chan's company had been accused by the Canadian Revenue Agency of designing and selling software that allowed four restaurants to evade taxes. InfoSpec Systems Inc. has denied those allegations, stating no charges have been laid against the firm or its employees. And, in an interview with Public Eye, Ida Chong, the minister responsible for the progress board, said that accusation won't result in a change to Ms. Chan's appointment status.

"Well, I haven't (got) all the facts," said Minister Chong. "But, as I understand it, they are still very vague allegations, as such. And it still allows Ms. Chan to do her work with others on the progress board. And that (work) is to monitor how government is proceeding - especially in today's economy. And her background in business and the community allows her to contribute to the progress board in a very effective way."

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