A good prospector

Former Association for Mineral Exploration of British Columbia president Dan Jepsen was approached about running for the provincial Liberals, Public Eye has learned. But it looks like his name won't be on a ballot during the next election. In an interview, Mr. Jepsen - who lives in West Vancouver-Capilano legislator Ralph Sultan's riding, said, "A few people that I respected talked to me about when I was looking at what my next challenge would be. I don't know how serious they were. Ralph Sultan is a good friend of mine. And I went and had breakfast with him on his seventy-fifth birthday and realized his goal and objective is to run again. And I live in West Van. And I was thinking, I would never try to undermine Ralph cause I've got huge respect for the man. So I thought, maybe the stars don't align this time. And my wife didn't seem to be too enthralled with the idea either." Mr. Jepsen is presently the chairman and chief executive officer of C3 Alliance Corp.

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