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"I have not been convinced that (public-private partnerships) save money in the long term, I fear loss of public control, and I fret about diminished accountability," wrote contributor Eric Mang yesterday. "I voted for elected officials to serve us. I did not elect a corporation, motivated by profit and not the public good, to serve me." That's a strong opinion. But what got tongues wagging was it's source. After all, Mr. Mang was Gordon Campbell's former senior issues management coordinator - the same premier who was recently appointed the honourary chair of the Canadian Council for Public-Private Parnterships. According to his biography, Mr.Mang's political views "drifted leftward" after leaving the legislature.

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I got tongues wagging? I haven't been back to BC in ages and haven't spoken to many of my former colleagues since I left in 2003 (except Daniel Fontaine of course). Hard to believe they still remember me. But fun to hear nonetheless.

While it is true I drifted leftward, my greater concern is whether there is enough evidence to support a particular public policy and whether it is in the public's interest. If a public policy doesn't meet these criteria, it ain't worth adopting.

Btw, Sean always enjoy PEO.

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