BC Progress Board member's firm searched

The co-founder of a Richmond company that has been linked to an alleged tax-evasion scheme is also a member of the provincial government's BC Progress Board. Cindy Chan was appointed to the board - which is responsible for tracking changes in the economic performance and social wellbeing of British Columbia - on September 25. Last month, the Canada Revenue Agency accused her company of designing and selling software that allowed four restaurants to evade taxes - allegations InfoSpec Systems Inc. has denied, stating no charges have been laid against the company or its employees.

Ms. Chan's board appointment isn't the only connection between her firm and the Campbell administration. According to Elections British Columbia, InfoSpec has donated $13,560 to the Liberals since 2005. And, as first reported by The Review's Martin van den Hemel, the company paid the $5,000 it cost for government caucus chair John Yap to travel to Bejing to observe the 2008 Summer Olympic Games and "promote trade and goodwill" between British Columbia and China.

Government didn't respond to a request for comment. Asked whether she had considered stepping down from the progress board, Ms. Chan said, "I think the CRA has done whatever they have to do already. I don't think there's much further that they will do," adding she doesn't expect charges to be laid.

"I don't think they ever clear anyone," she continued. "There are investigations going on with many businesses from time to time. And the investigation was done mostly on our customers."

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