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Public Eye is looking to expand - and we need your help. Between now and the middle of February, we're hoping to add a number of features we think you'll find useful - including a calendar tracking political events in British Columbia, podcasts of our radio show and raw video of legislative scrums. But those features won't come without a price. And we're hoping you'll contribute to this initiative. Think of it this way: many of you make political donations to little effect. But, since 2004, Public Eye has uncovered numerous provincial and federal scandals on a shoestring budget. So you'll be guaranteed to get something for your money. We're hoping to raise at least $3,000 over the next month. And we hope you'll be one of our contributors by clicking on this link and making a donation to our PayPal account.

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Sean I'll be happy to help you

I can gather cheque's off/from the street's of Victoria...
( I sit on Government st selling my newz-paper's)

I'll ask the people to write you a cheque

How do people spell your name ...!

>>> Considered to be a Amiture , Sean Hollman

perhaps they should just use the simpler form :


( tee hee hee ) sorry bad joke



ted... ( just kidding about the cheque's )

Sean , you know where to find me
I can give ya some labour ( ie: record things )

or let you stand on my electric-scooter
as you ask questions during a scrum...!

( ie: Tower-ing over those simple reporter's )

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