Loukidelis: "It didn't advance the case for transparency."

Freedom of information and privacy commissioner David Loukidelis is expressing regret about a quote attributed to him in Saturday's edition of The Vancouver Sun. Commenting on the utility of the newspaper's new public sector salary database, Mr. Loukidelis was quoted as saying, "If it's known that a public servant has a multi-million dollar house and she's earning $60,000 a year...that might start you down the road of how that came about." But, in an interview today with Public Eye, the commissioner said "I'd readily admit that comment was not good...It didn't advance the story. It didn't advance the case for transparency. And it doesn't reflect how I feel about public servants."

"What I've consistently been impressed with is the professionalism, the dedication and the integrity - even when I disagreed vehemently with them - of the public servants I've dealt with over the years...I came away from reading that story thinking, 'That's not a good example to have given at all..'"

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