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Last year's controversial increase to MLA pay and pensions was "designed to attract and retain talented people from all walks of life by lowering existing barriers to serving as elected officials." So it seems both surreal and appropriate that The B.C. Refederation Party is using that pay and pension package to recruit their election candidates.

In a media release distributed earlier today, the party states it is now "accepting applications" from prospective candidates. And, according to that release, those who are elected will have an opportunity to advance their "life career, lifestyle and serve the People of B.C."

And what an opportunity it is! After all, legislators "receive a "basic remuneration of; $99,764.00@annum with excellent benefits" including "up to 6 months of vacation annually," "flexible working hours [24/7] mostly at your discretion]," "government supported perks" and "$10,000@mos. for all elected MLA candidates to provide offices in their respective home areas with minimal interference from Victoria." The following is a complete copy of that release.



The BC Refederation Party is now accepting applications for 85 new positions.... 'District MLA Candidates' to run in the May 2009 Provincial election.

Applicants will have a strong desire to participate in our "new way to govern" platform - "policies for governance" / (
Qualified applicants will bring with them strong verbal and written communication skills with an interest in meeting with, speaking to and serving the public. The Party will support each successful applicant with the materials for the electoral period and assist applicants in complying with the requirements of Elections BC.

Successful candidates will be expected to take the Party`s comprehensive course in direct democracy contained within our 1-2-3 PLAN part of which is to swear allegiance first and foremost to the People of BC as prescribed in our proposed and new Constitution of British Columbia".

Successfully elected, candidates will immediately receive a basic remuneration of;

* $99, 764.00 @ annum with excellent benefits including;

* Up to 6 months of vacation annually.

* Very generous pension, medical, dental and life insurance plans.

* Flexible working hours [24/7] mostly at your discretion.

* Travel, vehicle & accommodation expenses and government supported perks.

* Transition funds for new MLAs.

* Generous fees for Committee members.

* $10,000@mos. for all elected MLA candidates to provide offices in their respective home areas with minimal interference from Victoria.

* 'Elected candidates' are also eligible to compete for executive positions in the new Legislature in both the governing and opposition Parties with salaries and benefits commensurate to the additional responsibilities, of up to and in addition to, a minimum of $6000.00 and maximum of $89,787.00@annum.

We offer an excellent opportunity to advance your life career, lifestyle and serve the People of B.C. For more on this posting, please respond to Communications, OR, contact Mel Garden at 250 -334 -HELP for digital copies of MLA`s Handbook [2007], Salary and Pension Schedules. [The BC Refederation Party is not responsible for any subsequent government modifications to the above information]

This is an official solicitation for candidates -All interested applicants must submit a detailed written resume' by postal mail or Email NO LATER THAN JANUARY 2, 2009 to the listed address. All applications will be reviewed by the Party Candidate Selection Committee / Executive for acceptance, and or where applicable, District Representatives in each riding.

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