Simons: "I'm non-partisanly worried."

"A matter of note and concern." That's how children and youth representative Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond described last week's announcement that the ministry of children and family development will be looking at "fiscal restraint measures" in the coming weeks. But, for his own part, provincial New Democrat critic Nicholas Simons thinks that announcement - which suggested timelines for some ministry initiatives may be "revisited" - is little more than "damage control" on the part of the ministry. The reason: next week, Ms. Turpel-Lafond will likely release her second update on the Hughes Review "and the government's implementation and progress on following through with the recommendations in that important report from 2006."

And, according to Mr. Simons, if those timelines are pushed back, former conflict of interest commissioner Ted Hughes "will not be pleased." After all, wrote Mr. Simons in an email to Public Eye, "The number of systemic changes (CLBC to MHSD, re-splitting of CLBC, transformation, regionalization, etc) with inadequate resources to undertake them is the recipe both Gove and Hughes warned against. I'm non-partisanly worried."

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