Jiles didn't work for pub owner

A calendar entry exclusively obtained by Public Eye states Mark Jiles arranged and was scheduled to attend a meeting between then solicitor general John Les and a pub owner. But, in an interview, the pub owner said Mr. Jiles didn't arrange or attend that scheduled meeting. Nor, said the owner, did he hire Mr. Jiles, Premier Gordon Campbell's former constituency campaign manager and president of The Progressive Group, to do any work for him.

"I'm past president" of the Alliance of Beverage Licensees of British Columbia, said Gordon Cartwright - the owner of Woody's Pub on Brunette. "I don't need anyone else to do my meetings. Mark does a lot of work with the industry because he's an old Labatt's rep. And he's a cool guy. But I don't know why I would use him."

According to the entry, Messers. Cartwright and Les met for 30 minutes on June 19, 2006 to discuss a proposal that would have required all liquor licensees to join the alliance.

The reason: "Because a lot of people get into the business and they're not really aware of the responsibilities to the public and to the people that come through their public house," said Cartwright. And, by requiring those licensees join the alliance, "they would be more aware of what is a responsibility of a liquor licensee."

"But we live in a very democratic society," Cartwright added. "So (mandatory membership) wasn't a very good idea. So I sort of forgot about (the proposal) to tell you the truth."

In an earlier interview, alliance executive director Kim Haakstad stated she had "no knowledge" of Mr. Jiles ever working for her association.

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