Opposition proposes lobbyist legislation fix

The Campbell administration doesn't seem to be in a hurry to fix its broken Lobbyists Registration Act before the next election. So, today, the New Democrat tried to takeover that job, tabling a comprehensive government integrity bill that would patch up that act and strengthen the province's conflict of interest laws. "Members of this House will recall the many commitments to openness and transparency made by the current government, commitments that seem to have been abandoned along the way," said Ms. James. "This act establishes a stronger, more open and transparent regime for ethical conduct of lobbyists, public officeholders and former public officeholders in this province."

In October, British Columbia's lobbyists registrar David Loukidelis announced he would no longer be investigating alleged violations of the Lobbyists Registration Act.

This, after top Liberal backroom operative Patrick Kinsella refused to "consent to any investigation or reporting" by the registrar into his interactions with the Campbell administration.

At the time, Mr. Loukidelis stated he doesn't have the legal "tools necessary to properly investigate and address complaints" under the existing act.

Mr. Kinsella has repeatedly denied ever lobbying the government he was instrumental in electing. And, according to a written statement issued by his company, The Progressive Group is "confident it has consistently and correctly followed the requirements of the Act," registering "each and every" time it communicates with public office holders on behalf of clients.

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