The power of knowledge

The provincial Liberals claim their open platform - which will allow British Columbians to "help shape" the party's election platform via the Internet - is, to the best of their knowledge, the first such process "ever launched by a political party in Canada." But that's simply not the case. In November 2003, the federal Greens launched a living platform project, that would allow both party members and non-party members to contribute to the creation of a binding election platform. "It's sort of an on-line blackboard," then party platform and research head Michael Pilling told The Globe and Mail's Roy MacGregor in 2004. "Everybody gets a piece of chalk. Everybody has an eraser." Unfortunately for Mr. Pilling, though, the biggest eraser belonged to party leadership. He was fired on February 10, 2005. And the project became embroiled in controversy.

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