Dorais apologizes for not informing public

Earlier today, Public Eye broke the news that North Vancouver school board chair Chris Dorais had been charged with driving with a blood alcohol level above .08 on March 8 - nine months ago. In an interview yesterday afternoon, Mr. Dorais - who is contesting the charge - told us, "I'm not hiding it," when asked if he felt he had an an obligation to let constituents know about the incident. "If it was impacting my job, then certainly I would have an obligation. But it hasn't. And I don't see it ever impacting my job." But, in a written statement posted on his Website, Mr. Dorais now says, "Although I had hoped to resolve this matter privately, and I am confident in the grounds for my decision to contest the charge, I realize that my responsibility to the public is not only professional, it is also personal. I regret the decision I made not to address this matter publicly, and with my colleagues, sooner. For that, I sincerely apologize."


Citizen Gordon Campbell was driving drunk, not the Premier, and he faced the cameras, both jailhouse and the newsmedia (ergo the public). The question for Mr. Dorais is whether he will step up to the plate and voluntarily ask that his driver's licence be suspended for the same amount of time, albiet without the designated RCMP officer doing the driving for him while attending meetins on behalf of the School District as a Trustee.


Interesting defense that 'civilian' (ie. "I did it while off-duty and it won't affect my ability to do my job, so it doesn't matter") defense....

Thing is, if you unwind the logic of this defense to the very end of its (very) twisted rope there are all sorts of crimes, including the most heinous you can possibly imagine, that wouldn't interfere with a politician's ability to run either a school board or a cabinet meeting regardless their driving status.

Which, in my opinion, doesn't make it right.

The defense I mean.



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