Campbell doesn't make top five

According to British Columbia's pollsters, Premier Gordon Campbell isn't a vote-getter for the provincial Liberals. For example, an August Angus Reid Strategies Inc. survey found just 26 percent of respondents approve of him. And half say their opinion of Premier Campbell has worsened over past two month. But provincial Liberal Vancouver-Fairview by-election candidate Margaret MacDiarmid must be ignorant of those numbers. After all, a recent brochure promoting her candidacy lists the premier as the seventh among ten reasons to vote for the Liberals on Wednesday. Fancy that! The following is a complete copy of the text of that brochure.

Looking for ONE good reason to vote for the BC Liberals on October 29?

Here's 10

1. Lower taxes
The BC Liberals didn't just reduce taxes, they reduced them dramatically and now British Columbians enjoy among the lowest tax rates in all of Canada. And those most in need earning under $16,000 pay no income taxes at all.

2. Balanced budgets
After years of NDP deficit spending, the BC Liberals have passed fix consecutive balanced budgets and cut wasteful spending.

3. Improved health care
Thanks to a better economy, the BC Liberals have invested an additional $6 billion in BC's health care. It means you'll have access to more doctors and nurses and see a dramatic reduction in waiting time.

4. More affordable housing
The BC Liberals have tripled investment in housing and other intiatives aimed at breaking the cycle of homelessness to over $400-million per year.

5. A cleaner environment
The most comprehensive environmental protection initiative in BC history. LiveSmart BC promotes smart choices to save energy, water and fuel.

6. Safer neighbourhoods
The BC Liberals have enacted policies to track and prosecute online predators and violent crimes have reduced throughout BC.

7. Premier Gordon Campbell
As Premier, Gordon Campbell has shown the leadership and determination to turn our economy around," the brochure tells constituents. "Building on those results, he has the vision to tackle the challenges we face today and tomorrow.

8. Better public transportation
Investing $14-billion in the Provincial Transit Plan to build new rapid transit, rapid buses, and purchase 1,500 new clean energy buses.

9. Improved education
The BC Liberals have increased per student funding to its highest level in history, added 25,000 new post-secondary spaces, and recently created five new universities.

10. Job growth
After a decade of job losses, BC has created over 430,000 new jobs since 2001. We now enjoy one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.

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