Attention Tina Fey

Guess who's been working for Sarah Palin? Why, it's none other than former British Columbia attorney general Geoff Plant. According to the provincial lobbyists registry, Mr. Plant has been lobbying the British Columbia government since July on behalf of the Alaska governor's office. The subject matter: the Alaska gas pipeline project. Mr. Plant signed up to contact Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Minister Rich Neufeld, Minister of State for Intergovernmental Relations Joan McIntyre and Premier Gordon Campbell.

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This is a disgrace. There should be a ten year moratorium on former elected officials and govt assistants being able to lobby govt.--period. Even if govt changes, many of the key swivel servants remain. Ergo, the advantage to someone with a familiarity with and of the players, is obvious.

The advantage to a Geoff Plant is clear. Why wouldn't the Premier meet with him and Caribou Barbie, instead of some other lobbyist??

Plant is formerly the Preem's roommate and Barbie's, at least, a feast for the eyes.

Plant: "Gord, here she is, isn't she hot"

Caribou Barbie: "Hey Preem, may I call you Gord...betcha I could field-wrassle ya...yer kinda the size of a moose.."

Preem: "I can see nirvana from my window..."

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