A public service announcement?

Tonight, at 6:15, Premier Gordon Campbell will deliver a 15-minute address on the state of the economy. That address will be broadcast live on Hansard television, the channel whose programming customarily consists of British Columbia's legislative debates. So who's responsible for the decision to allow the premier's address to be aired on Hansard, which receives its funding from the provincial legislature? Well, that would be Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Bill Barisoff's office - who earlier also saw fit to appoint a Liberal campaigner to the supposedly non-partisan electoral boundaries commission. The speaker's office hasn't responded to an inquiry as to what criteria was used to make that broadcast decision.


gord the ruler can do what ever the hell he wants.

isnt that obvious by now?

There is nothing on the Hansard page descibing their mandate that states they are to act as a broadcaster for the premiers announcements.

Debates only.


Nice work Sean.

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