Beyond blame?

In an October 2006 editorial published in The Vancouver Sun, Jane Morley acknowledged "some commentators" didn't like the "beyond blame" approach she took during her tenure as British Columbia child and youth officer - which ended in December of that year. And now Ms. Morley, who was appointed to the federal government's Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission on May 13, 2008, is once again making headlines. The reason: yesterday, the commission's chair resigned because, in his words, Ms. Morley and fellow commissioner Claudette Dumont-Smith were "unprepared to accept that the structure of the Commission requires that the TRC's course is to be charted and its objectives are to be shaped ultimately through the authority and leadership of its Chair."

According to Justice Harry LaForme, "Challenging the reality that they were appointed as providers of advice and assistance to the Chair, the two have chosen to compete for control of the Commission by insisting that it is to be run on the basis of simple majority rule...Efforts on my part and on the part of others to move the Commission away from their position toward one that would restore functionality and respect have been futile."

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