MacKay-Dunn, Thorpe prep for election

In an interview this morning, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP senior partner Hector MacKay-Dunn confirmed he and former small business and revenue minister Rick Thorpe are chairing the provincial Liberal's election preparation efforts. Asked whether past campaign co-chair Patrick Kinsella has been involved in those efforts, Mr. MacKay-Dunn said, "I would have to say there's a whole lot of people that are involved. So I wouldn't preclude Patrick from that. But I'm not exactly sure what you mean. There are many, many people that are involved here in the campaign." So has Mr. Kinsella been involved with election preparations at a senior capacity? "Again, I think that's a question you should be asking Patrick," Mr. MacKay-Dunn responded. On October 5, CKNW paraphrased Premier Gordon Campbell as saying Mr. Kinsella isn't involved in the 2009 campaign.

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