Officials must verify lobbyists are registered

On Tuesday, lobbyists registrar David Loukidelis told the opposition he has been "in communication" with Attorney General Wally Oppal about flaws in the Lobbyists Registration Act. And now Mr. Loukidelis has released a copy of that communication, in which he urges Attorney General Oppal to make a number of amendments to the act "at the earliest opportunity." Among them: a requirement for public officials to "verify that a lobbyist is registered and to verify the intended outcome of the communications." According to Mr. Loukidelis, the standard of conduct for such officials should "encompass some level of responsibility to ensure that they only meet with registered lobbyists." As expected, Mr. Loukidelis also recommends the government "provide the registrar with specific powers to conduct administrative investigations into LRA compliance and to make it an offence to obstruct the registrar."


Nice piece of legislation there.

Who wrote this piece of garbage that it doesn't even have enforcement abilities?

'Call the police'? Sheesh. What an embarrasement.

Transparent huh... this government of Gord has lost any shred of credibility it may have once had.

This government does it's best to keep anyone from knowing anything about what they do or who is talking to them. Open and accountable, not likely

Luckily for us there the legislature won't sit until February. Tons of time for the Attorney General to craft effective legislation.

Any ways,

if they were sitting right now...?

( It'll be called "filibustering" ,
something that the Gordon-Cambell liberals outlawed )

>>> scroll down to ( 1710 )

click that little TV camera...!

---------- Open & Accountable , ?????

like a prosititute , in the back-seat of a limo .



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