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Here's a curiosity: last year, Deloitte and Touche LLP was awarded a contract by the health services ministry to draft the Campbell administration's home and community care strategic document. And now that contract has been extended till October 31 so the company can redraft that document, "compile and integrate stakeholder feedback" and "develop Home and Community Care logistics, rollout and communications." This, according to a notice of intent posted on BC Bid last week. That increases the total value of the contract by $58,500 to $108,000. The following is an edited copy of that notice of intent.

Notice of Intent - NOIHL146

Home and Community Care - CONSULTING SERVICES

Notice is hereby given by the Ministry of Health Services of its intent to extend its current contract 2008-676 with Delloitte and Touche to provide the additional services:

1. Redraft Home and Community Care Strategic Document;
2. Compile and integrate stakeholder feedback; and
3. Develop Home and Community Care logistics, rollout, and communications strategy

The contract amendment is expected to end on October 31, 2008 with an amendment value of $58,500 and a new aggregate contract total value of $108,800 (fees and expenses).

The Ministry of Health Services did not call for vendor proposals for the following

1. The contractor is qualified to perform the services and has detailed knowledge and expertise of document rollout;
2. The contractor developed the first draft of the Home and Community Care Strategic Document; and
3. It will reduce any further risks and delays of the project within the Division.

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These direct awards are usually nothing more than 'gimmies'.

I'd love to see the details of the original RFP. Dollars to donuts they are now getting an extension and more money to do what they were required to do in the first place.

And isn't deloitte and touche an accounting firm? Shouldn't these types of policy papers be written by the numerous well paid government employees whose job this is?

Why are the people of BC paying twice for something... again.

Just once I'd like to be proven wrong on these 'direct awards'.

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