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The Campbell administration's climate action secretariat has hired some extra help. New Direction Resource Management Ltd. president Bill Bourgeois has been awarded an untendered seven month contract to advise on forestry issues, as well as the "throne speech commitment to involve First Nations in economic opportunities provided by the transition to a low carbon economy." As a consultant, Dr. Bourgeois has been "a strategic advisor for coastal forest companies regarding the implementation of ecosystem-based management and industry-NGO-First Nations relationships."

Other clients have included government executives, the oil and gas commission, a mineral manufacturing company and a national forestry association "regarding a strategic approach to species at risk implementation and First Nations issues." This, according to a biography posted by Genome British Columbia.

His extensive background includes being the former project manager for the Coast Forest Conservation Intiative - "a collaborative effort of five British Columbia forest companies committed to new approaches to forest conservation and management in BC's Central and North Coast."

As the environment and government affairs vice-president for Lignum Ltd., he received an award from the Association of BC Forest Professionals in 2005 for "being a leader and champion of sustainable forest management, for being an original thinker and not being afraid to advocate new ideas that run counter to traditional thinking, for promoting excellence and innovation within the forest industry, and for his practical ability to balance economics with ecological and social objectives." He was also a land use planning and research supervisor for MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.

Dr. Bourgeois's contract with the secretariat will "not exceed a value of $100,000. The following is a complete copy of the notice of intent for that contract.



Notice is hereby given by the Climate Action Secretariat of its intent to contract with Dr. Bill Bourgeois, President of New Direction Resource Management Ltd., based on his extensive senior leadership experience in the BC forest industry and recognized academic expertise and designation in the topic area, to advise on the strategic aspects of forest policy framework options for the Province of British Columbia (BC) including:

- Supporting the Working Roundtable on Forestry (Roundtable);

- Advising the Forest Sector Climate Action Steering Committee (Steering Committee) in the development of recommendations and integration with the Roundtable;

- Advising on the throne speech commitment to involve First Nations in economic opportunities provided by the transition to a low carbon economy;

- Assisting the Climate Action Secretariat and other provincial government agencies to evaluate and/or propose policy options;

- Advise on the implementation of recommended policies consistent with the
framework options above;

- Advise on opportunities for First Nations involvement in the forest sector related to climate action. Provide guidance for specific projects.

The contract will not exceed a value of $100,000 and is expected to cover a period of seven months, starting October 8, 2008.

The Ministry did not call for vendor proposals for the following reasons:

- The necessary knowledge, skills and experience possessed by Dr. Bourgeois, including:

* Established working relationships with and extensive knowledge of BC forest industry, BC First Nations, provincial and federal government agencies and research bodies.
* Skilled and experienced strategic planner, particularly in forestry and climate-related natural resource management.
* Government policy development experience in forestry and climate action.
* Fulsome understanding of forest tenure policy and land use planning history in BC.

Vendors wishing to object to this decision should call Gurmeet Sall on or before October 3, 2008, presenting specific reasons for their objection. If justified, a vendor's meeting, with Ministry representatives present to discuss the decision, will be called to receive vendor representations regarding this contract.

Vendor ability to offer products and services resulting in the same or better solutions at a lower cost in the same timeframe will be the key criterion with regard to the consideration of vendor objections.

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