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Earlier, we reported the maximum payable salary gap between assistant deputy ministers and their immediate subordinates is now $84,684.26. That's $35,000 or 70.44 percent higher than it was before last month's compensation framework adjustments. So is Premier Gordon Campbell concerned about that gap? In an interview with Public Eye, Premier Campbell said, "the executive directors are covered by the contractual agreements that we've already got in place - which puts them about number three in Canada. Secondly, I think you've got to remember the executive directors and people that are covered by those contracts get an annual increase in their salaries. That's not something that happens with us, automatically, in the public sector leadership. Finally, it's important to say they will have a re-negotiated contract in 2010 as well."

Premier Campbell also responded to a question about how his administration would disclosure future salary increases to deputy ministers, who are now paid on average of $217,758 but could earn a maximum of $299,215: "The total compensation package is disclosed annually. And, obviously, one of the things we felt the range did was it provide us with the flexibility required to properly manage the system."

" think one of the initial reactions from people was that everyone in the public service would go immediately to the top of the range," he continued. "Eight-three percent of the federal compensation package puts us at about number three in Canada. And, I'm sure you'll remember, back in the 1990s Judy Corbin came and recommended we be about number three in Canada. Where we are now is between three and five. It's been consistent across our public sector. And we think that gives us the flexibility we need to not just keep the good people we have but send a message to the good people in the system that they have a future in British Columbia's public sector."

"But those issues are dealt with every year in public accounts. So people will be able to see what the full compensation package is for the public sector leadership in B.C."

The government has said deputy ministers will receive no further salary increases unless there is a shift in their role.

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