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The provincial government has increased the salaries of its top bureaucrats by an average of 7.38 percent or $14,960 to $217,758. That announcement follows the Campbell administration's controversial decision to increase the maximum payable salary range for deputy and assistant deputy ministers by 34.93 and 21.88 percent respectively. The government has refused to release the names of which deputy ministers are getting raises because those selections were made on the basis of job performance. But, for her own part, Jessica McDonald, the premier's deputy minister, "has opted not to accept any increase at this time...as a gesture to show that this was never about money." This, according to an information bulletin released by the government.

Salaries for assistant deputy ministers are also increasing an average of 20.97 percent or $27,317 to $157,608. The government isn't contemplating increasing the maximum salaries for executives below the assistant deputy level because their pay is already comparable to other provincial and federal governments - placing them between third and fifth nationally. Those executives earn a maximum of $110,315.74. That means the maximum salary gap between assistant deputy ministers and their immediate subordinates is now $84,684.26 - $35,000 or 70.44 percent higher than it was prior to last month's compensation framework adjustment.


What a contemptible, absurd response from Ms. McDonald and this most cynical and rudderless of govts!

If not about the money, dear heart, then what on the Lord's green orb was it about??? She's a fool.

How many DMs were on their way out because of a lack of pay?? How many weren't on their way out, but felt aggrieved enough to still make an issue about no (ridiculously) substantial increase to their pay? How many potential new hires declined offers based on a lack of money being on the table?

At some point the provincial Fiberals will have to start with some courage on this issue (and others) and tell the truth: That just like on every single initiative or policy they have either pursued or presented in the last three years, there was no thinking going on, and the Premier, like the proverbial meddlesome Aunt visiting from the American Biblebelt, interrupts to polish everyone's apple for them, instead of running a govt that deals fairly and transparently offers a clean message.

That's why nothing gets done and no information is released.

The calculus is simple: Some brainless minion to the Preem has convinced him that Liberals won't vote NDP next year, and he has eaten this mind-numbing strategy to the point where anything goes and 'nothing will hurt us' and 'torpedoes away'. Liberals staying home amounts to the same thing sports fans.

I will feel very sorry for this crew in May 2008.

Almost as much as I will feel for this Province if Carole James isn't ready.

This is a new and disturbing development in 'transparency', let alone democracy.

We're not to be allowed to know how OUR TAX DOLLARS are being spent because that would reveal how MERIT BASED raises were handed out?

No, I doubt that's the real reason.

I think if the people of BC, and more importantly if the people who work with these seatwarmers knew how much they were being paid (raise or no raise) there would be outrage and a whole lotta leaks. Take a ministry such as MCF, how would the employees, public and parents of affected children react if they new Du Toit received a raise? How angry would they be to be reminded of the salary this woman is making even if she didn't get a raise? Oh lookie! http://www.publiceyeonline.com/archives/002269.html

Using the faulty and convoluted logic of the BC Government - If these raises were based upon job performance and therefore cannot be released then one can safely assume the previous raises just given were based upon .... what exactly? We were told about those individually, so they weren't based upon merit?

This stinks to high heaven. And smacks of piss poor last minute damage control.

I'd like to see a job description for each of these positions - or is that a secret too?

I'd like to know what qualifications these people hold that makes them the best choice for these positions - which are so highly paid, there shouldn't be any trouble at all attracting well qualified candidates... right?

I'd like to know what are the major deliverables for these positions and I'd like to know how they are measured on success or failure with regards to achieving those deliverables, or is that a secret too?

I'd like to know what the major business goals are for each ministry, how they are measured and how they have performed against those goals for each and every year this government has been in power - but that's a secret too isn't it? Jess won't post a business plan that contains measurements, forecasts or goals let alone publish previous plans - why should any ministry behave differently when the bar is set so low?

Lets take the average raise handed out to these people for reasons unknown. $14,960 average increase for ADMs. It would take someone earning $6.00 an hour (BC Training Wage) THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX DAYS to earn that amount of money.

Jess "has opted not to accept any increase at this time...as a gesture to show that this was never about money." Honey it's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY or they would be rewarding them with fleece vests and pleather folio holders FFS!! Oh, and Jess dear we did see the words "at this time" and I have a gesture for you! If this government wants to show that it was never about the money, roll back the wages to what they were prior to the raises they received last summer and REMOVE these new salary limits altogether from any such "compensation framework" so that these ongoing outrageous increases can not and will not happen again.

Lets take the other average raise handed out to these people for reasons unknown. $27,317 average increase for DMs. It would take someone earning $6.00 an hour (BC Training Wage) SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY DAYS to earn that amount of money.

And folks, if you've read this far hold onto your shorts because it's about to get a lot worse - The people of BC and the reporters, activists and opposition parties need to ask this one simple question via a FOI - what is the TOTAL compensation package that these people are receiving when you add in relocation, travel, spouse and children travel, enhanced medical coverage, benefits, Long Term Disability coverage, Short Term Disabiltiy coverage, life insurance, educational reimbursements, meals, hotels, car allowances, housing reimbursements, pensions, all benefits that continue on after retirement (I could go on as there are lots more, but feel sick inside). The real cost of these people to the BC taxpayer is out of this world. Too bad it's a secret in this 'transparent' government we have or there would a groundswell of outrage. Oh gee, is that why it's all a secret - to preserve this government?

Oh and Sean, I'm not even going to comment on the masses of underlings to these people and their wage gap except to say if there were at all qualified for the jobs they've been handed (yes handed, as in given) then we wouldn't need such a legion of them to approve timesheets and attend meetings, and we'd be able to afford to hire qualified directors and managers that could actually do anything of substance.

BC - We can do better than this.

"Forecasts show that within 10 years over 65 per cent of assistant deputy ministers and 51 per cent of deputy ministers will be eligible to retire."

This is great news!!! Sadly it is unlikely that those numbers will retire but hang on and stay at the trough for as long as they can.

Of course in 10 years the populatoion of BC will likely be much lower, and the number of working age people will also be greatly decreased resulting in less tax dollars and less need for government services. It is good to know our government will reflect the make up of the population... at last.

Frankly the government could do with a lot fewer bureaucrats.

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