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Earlier, we reported the provincial government would be delivering a technical briefing concerning its controversial decision to increase the maximum payable salaries for deputy and assistant deputy ministers. That 90 minute briefing took place at 10:00. But there was concern from some members of the press gallery that the briefing was conducted on a not-for-attribution basis. In fact, reporters weren't even allowed to tape the meeting. And the government appears to also be limiting its exposure by offering reporters one-on-one interviews with Premier Gordon Campbell regarding the matter, rather than holding a press conference - which could result in more aggressive questions from the media.


Campbell's obvious intention is to 'massage' what the reporters publish.

Question, Sean: What should be the immediate ethical reaction from every invited reporter?

Answer: An en masse refusal to accept the invitation. After all, who in their right minds could be absolutely certain as to the veracity of any article derived in such a manner?

What twaddle is this? "In fact, reporters weren't even allowed to tape the meeting."

Why not? Because it's a secret and your government will not and can not be accountable in any way shape or form.

This government sickens me with their arrogance and the high handed manner and utter disdain in their dealings and lack thereof with the people they took an oath to serve.

and it's spelled Korbin. Glad to see they're taking all (haha) of the contents of that report to heart - 15 years later.

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