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Provincial New Democrat leader Carole James says Children and Family Development Minister Tom Christensen has some "explaining" to. This, following an exclusive report by Public Eye that the province's independent children and youth watchdog concluded last year that the ministry's top bureaucrat had abandoned the Hughes Review recommendations. The recommendations were made by former conflict of interest commissioner Ted Hughes to improve the province's child protection system following the tragic death of toddler Sherry Charlie.

But, in a letter sent on July 19, 2007, children and youth representative Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond said her understanding was the ministry's top bureaucrat believed "many of the recommendations were not possible to achieve" because the Hughes Review was "informed by ideas which are entrenched in an old system."

Asked about the matter, Ms. James said, "What it points out to me is that the minister has some explaining to do. I remember the premier and the minister standing up in the legislature saying they were going to fully implement the Hughes Review recommendations."

"So if that's not occurring in the ministry," she continued. "It's the job of government and the minister to stand up and inform the public and explain that to the public. And I certainly haven't seen that."

"What's becoming more and more apparent is that it's typical of this government that they try and say everything is fine when it becomes a headline and a problem. But then they forget about it - they ignore it, they don't support it and they don't provide the necessary leadership to carry on."

In her response to Ms. Turpel-Lafond, children and family development deputy minister Lesley du Toit stated her plans to reform the ministry were, in fact, "strongly influenced" by the Hughes Review - although that report wouldn't be used as a "blueprint."


With Campbell canceling the Fall Sitting of the Legislature, the public will not have an opportunity to watch Question Period where questions about the issues Sean has posted re MCFD might be asked.

So much for the "most transparent government BC has ever had" promised by the Premier.

I can't wait to vote next year!

Uh uh. Sure. Right. Gloves are off there eh Carol? That's ALL she cares about? THAT'S IT??? The revelations in Seans stories deserve far far more than this lame reply from a party that purports to be in opposition.

Frankly Sean, maybe it's time to start solicitng comments from the Green party instead.

So, back to the real world - how long has du Toit been reforming the ministry anyways? 2 years? 3 years? Are children in BC better off now than they were when she started?

The government of BC has shown that they are repeatedly putting the vulnerable and the children in this province at risk. I'd like to see the Federal Government brought in at this point. It's clear the BC gov can't be trusted to police themselves.

No two ways about it, This is a scandal.

Martin, your comments are usually very intelligent but what are you thinking re this: "I'd like to see the Federal Government brought in at this point. It's clear the BC gov can't be trusted to police themselves."

The Conservative/Reform/Alliance Party policing their allies in BC? What HAVE you been smoking????

Heh heh. Busted. I only WISH I were smoking something - BC - The Best Bud on Earth. Now there's a claim we could all support.

I was hoping that bringing in the feds would shame Gord. Again - no, not smoking anything. Maybe someone slipped a little something in my green jello.

A lawsuit would be better I guess. Maybe we need a rich bored lawyer to really stir up a poop storm about on these goings on at MCF. Everyone knows they and the opposition only pay attention to what's reported in the media.

Too bad kids can't vote.

"Too bad kids can't vote."

But WE can!

And yes, a rich bored lawyer sounds good and some BC Bud too! Looks like THEY have been smoking some of the sawdust left behind from all the logs being shipped raw south of the border!

More BS from Tom Christensen:

I'd really like to see a reporting on what MCF HAS done - and I'd like that information backed up with verifiable facts.

That Ministry (and a few others like LCS) needs to be gutted of ALL management and rebuilt a step at a time to provide much needed services, these Ministries should NOT exist merely to provide salaries, benefits, expenses and pensions for the seat warmers.

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