The bogeyman

As part of the provincial Liberal's Halloween biennial convention, the party will be hosting a Friday night "Ghosts and Goblins Halloween Gala Dinner" attended by "the Premier and MLAs." Of course, it goes without saying such a dinner - if Gordon Campbell and his caucus come in costume - is fraught with peril. After all, can you imagine how delighted the New Democrats would be if the premier was photographed wearing, for example, a vampire costume? We can. And that should be a scary thought for those staffing the West Annex.

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I think Cambell should go as a politician,,,
( all smiles and stuff )

a politician ,
who just gave him self a HUGE PAY RAISE ...!

one who just had his pention - pegged ,
to the highest amount of money
he has EVER earned ...!

(not that your's is pro-rated ,
over your entire life-time )

---- I'm thinking , he should go as a Pig.!

like in the cartoon "Animal-Farm" ...

it's such an alteration ,
even George Orwell wouldn't recognize him ...!

---- to the poor people ----

it's more like the difference between Ik-man
and josef Mengele...

( ie: cute looking Nazi's,
in their administrative duties )

but there is a trail of dead body's
left in their wake ...!

-- They get to retire rich ------

as the rest of us pay the piper...!

-------- Balanced budget ...????? -------

ya but they had to borrow money ...!

---- surplus budget ---------

yet they borrowed money to pay their bills...!

--- if this ain't Animal-Farm,

then what version of an George-Orwell story ,,,

then what story are we "the people" living ...?????

ie: was this story written by Joseph Goebbels's ,
George Orwell ,
or Accenture ...?

that we "the poeple" can do to these people ...?????

is to NOT VOTE THEM IN AGAIN ...!!!!!

dispite the fact 46 liberals won't be running again ...!

( ya and they get to retire
to the gold-plated pention plan
that you mentioned to us Sean )

good deal...? eh

---- Ps

what party out-lawed "Tar & Feathering" ...?

what party reduced the "enviromental-law" protection,

so that such an activity ,,, is now possible ...?

What party removed all of our rolling-stock etc,
leaving us with just the rails
needed to carry out such a venture...?

------ We got over 900 years

before BC-Rail rolls on their own rails again ...!

------ ya , Pig's from the Orwell book ...?

hallow-ween ...!!!!!

cambell's liberals ...?

tell me where I went wrong ...


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