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Yesterday, we exclusively reported provincial New Democrat legislator Jagrup Brar wouldn't be running in his present riding of Surrey-Panorama Ridge in the next election. So where will he be on the ballot. In an interview this morning, Mr. Brar said, "I will be running in Surrey-Fleetwood in the next provincial election in 2009." The reason: according to the legislator, Surrey-Panorama Ridge has been "fundamentally" changed by the re-distribution of the province's electoral boundaries. Mr. Brar also says many of the issues he's been fighting for - such as improving the care at Surrey Memorial Hospital - are "more relevant to that area that I've been living and working" which is in the new boundaries of Surrey-Fleetwood. And the Surrey-Fleetwood constituency association passed a unanimous resolution asking Mr. Brar to run in their riding.

So this doesn't have anything to do with the fact the re-distribution has made it more difficult for the party to win Surrey-Panorama Ridge? "When I ran for the first time in the by-election in 2004 I was told by many people - and particularly the political pundits - that Jagrup Brar cannot win that riding because Surrey-Panorama Ridge is a traditional Liberal riding." And, Mr. Brar says he heard the same talk in 2005. "But I won that riding by an even bigger margin. So I don't think it's a factor."

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