Beat us, do we not bruise?

Earlier this month, the British Columbia Utilities Commission approved BC Hydro Corp.'s new carrot and stick rate system - which rewards those who conserve electricity and punishes those who don't. That new system is being phased in over the next six months, beginning on October 1. But the corporation must be wondering how British Columbians feel about those rate increases. Because Angus Reid Strategies Inc. is polling on behalf of BC Hydro to find out the answer to that question.

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I just checked our last years hydro bills. We live in a two bedroom townhouse with double paned windows and ditto for the two glass doors.Front door is metal and insulated The place is well insulated. We are in the middle of a row of similar places. We use electric heat with fans in the heater coils. Thermostats kick back to 60 at night. The setting for days is 68 degrees maximum. Our place is around 1070 square feet. We never use hot water in the washing machine but do take a shower now and again, Big sin is a dishwasher that is not run daily. And the temperature in the town of Victoria is considered fairly mild year round. Tell Hydro to give me a call if they want some comments, as we exceed the lower rate five months of the year. Would they prefer we haul in an old wood stove to mess up the atmoshpere? Maybe call for natural gas installation? No I think they are looking for more money. I see nowhere we could reduce our electrical service without shutting down the hot water tank, stop cooking on the electric stove or takeout the light bulbs and use a candle to read by. My computer is not left on standy either. Just one more grab at citizens wallets

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