No Constituency for Old Men

Provincial New Democrat legislator Jagrup Brar won't be running in his present riding of Surrey-Panorama Ridge during the next election, Public Eye has exclusively learned. According to a letter from party president Jeff Fox and secretary Laura Nichols, that riding has been reserved for a female candidate. And since Mr. Brar is male, we asked him whether that means he would be running in a different constituency. "It looks very funny," he conceded. "First of all, I commend your research skills highlighting this situation. But yes, your judgement is true. I will be making an announcement later this week. I will be more than happy to contact you if you want. But all I can tell you is (I will be making an announcement) later this week, early tomorrow."

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The fact that Brar is not running again in Surrey-PR has been speculated on for a long time for obvious reasons.

With the new boundary changes to the riding, (a good chunk of strong NDP polls taken out and the southern boundary shifted to the South Surrey (White Rock) area), the Liberals would have won Surrey-PR by a margin of roughly 1,400 votes in 2005.

Meanwhile, in the new riding of Surrey Fleetwood, the NDP would have won the riding by a very slim margin of roughly 150 votes in 2005, Surrey's new swing seat.

And that's where Brar will land as the New Democrat candidate in 2009.

Since Surrey PR has a male incumbent and is being vacated, the new NDP candidate for Surrey PR will be female.

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