Gone Till November

Last month, Angus Reid Strategies Inc. released a headlining online survey reporting the provincial New Democrats had "surpassed the governing BC Liberals by a slim margin." But British Columbians will have a while to wait before the province's brick and mortar polling firms release their own polls, proving or disproving those numbers. In an interview with Public Eye, Ipsos-Reid Corp. public affairs vice-president Kyle Braid said, "I would have loved to have done a poll to take a look where preferences are. And normally we would do one in September. And it would be very timely. But there's just no point in doing it when a federal election is on. If we get numbers that match the Angus poll, we'd never know if it was because of the change in mood or just the impact of the federal election. So you just never know how to read the numbers when they come out. So it probably won't be until late October, early November."

Meanwhile, for her part, Mustel Research Group Ltd. owner Evi Mustel says, "Certainly, we've all noted that people do get a bit confused" during a federal election. "As much as we all love politics, not everybody follows it as closely as we do. So the numbers can be a little skewed when we're in the midst of an election. So we won't be doing anything either" - at least not until November.

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