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Earlier, we exclusively reported the provincial government had hired Queenswood Consulting Ltd. to review Community Living British Columbia's service delivery model. As part of that review, Queenswood has been conducting interviews with a number of stakeholder. And it's also developed an online questionnaire asking clients and families about their experience with the authority's "service delivery system, its policy tools and processes, and any guardianship functions that CLBC may have served. Queenswood has put a 250 word limit on answers to its questions. The following is a complete copy of that survey.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this review of CLBC's service delivery system.Recognizing that many clients and families have been asked to take part in a number of surveysand reviews, we would like to limit in input in this instance to three specific points: yourexperience with CLBC's service delivery system, its policy tools and processes, and anyguardianship functions that CLBC may have served.This feedback process is part of a larger service delivery review, which will include discussionswith a range of service providers, funders, advocates and others; as well as an examination ofCLBC's progress since coming into existence in July 2005. Other processes are examiningspecific facets of the CLBC system - for example, Waitlist procedures - and for this reason weask that you limit your responses to the three areas outlined above. We look forward toreviewing your input.

Please provide feedback to the following questions, based on your experience(250 word limit).

1. What would you say are the top two to three characteristics of a good service delivery system?

2. How well are each of these characteristics reflected in CLBC's current service delivery system?

3. What are three to four key examples where the current service delivery model has providedinnovative or flexible service delivery options for families and individuals? What is working well?

4. Over the longer term, what are the three most important things that you would like CLBC toimprove or provide? What has not worked so well?

5. From your perspective, what are the priorties that CLBC should be focussing on to improve servicedelivery to clients and families?

6. Any additional comments?

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