Singing in Harmony

Back in June, the Campbell administration appointed Sheldon Stoilen to the BC Ferry Commission. According to the board resourcing and development office, Mr. Stoilen has "previously held various senior positions with Canadian Airlines International, including Senior Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Services." But what that biography doesn't mention is the fact he was the marketing and sales vice-president for Harmony Airways - the now defunct airline once run by former Liberal finance minister Gary Collins. Asked for comment, provincial New Democrat ferries and ports critic Gary Coons said, "The minister, on numerous occassions, has expressed how the independence of the commission will drive the Coastal Ferry Act. And I'm sure some may question whether the independence will be effected now that we have someone like Sheldon Stoilen in there."

Of course, this isn't the first time Harmony Airways employees have been the receipients of government patronage. Earlier, Public Eye exclusively told you about the appointment of Haydn Acheson as a Law Society of British Columbia lay bencher and Graham Whitmarsh as the head of the premier's climate action secretariat.

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