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Earlier, we wondered whether Jessica McDonald could become the highest paid provincial civil service head in Canada. But it turns out Alberta's executive council deputy minister Ron Hicks beats her out. Under the Campbell administration's new compensation framework, Ms. McDonald may make up to $313,740 - receiving additional $34,860 for a total of $348,600 if all her executives achieve their performance measures. By contrast, Alberta corporate human resources director Annette Bidniak stated in an email sent last Friday that Mr. Hicks has a base salary of $317,085. And he can receive a performance bonus of up to 35 percent for a total of $428,064.75. Meanwhile, Ontario coroporate issues management analyst Alan Cairns confirmed McGuinty administration cabinet secretary Shelly Jamieson makes $288,400, receiving a performance bonus of up to 20 percent for a total of $346,080.


Performance measures?

What performance measures?

I'd like to know more about those!!

So Jessica will be back at Campbell's desk asking for more money from the back of the truck? "We need to attact the best and brightest..."

Why not have a real performance incentive how about 75% of Jessica's outrageous salary is held back until she and her overpaid deputy and assistant deputy ministers DO SOMETHING MEASURABLE. Not just some vague airy fairly 'measure'. Of course as the taxpayers who are funding her living large lifestyle amongst the top 1.2 percent of the population we would be entitled to review the results and how they were 'measured'.

What a load of crap this government is.

I predict they'll raise the minimum wage to 10$ per hour (still below poverty) to show they care and aren't greedy sob's and keep their 43% increases and the NDP will roll over to have their belly scratched like good little lap dogs.

We are so screwed in BC. The corruption in the civil service and politics here never ends.

Well Betty, people in 2005 had a chance to deal with Gordo and his band of misfits, and re elected them. And in 2007, the BCNDP had a chance to fire up and get ready to go at Campbell in 2009 with all guns blazing from their convention, and instead, engaged in a divisive policy that puts an asterisk beside the word DEMOCRATIC in their name.

As I saw quoted in a book recently...

"we get the government we deserve!"

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