The not so odd couple?

David Morel and Dan Doyle's responsibility for implementing the pharamceutical task force's controversial recommendations made seem curious to some. After all, Mr. Morel is the tenure and revenue executive director at the forests and range ministry. And Mr. Doyle is the former deputy transportation ministry. But, in an email to Public Eye, health communications director Michelle Stewart begged to differ. "With respect, it is not uncommon to see public servants moving across ministries to assist with significant public policy issues. David and Dan are part of a broader team of individuals involved with the implementation of the Task Force recommendations including individuals with direct health care/PharmaCare experience including Craig Knight, Assistant Deputy Minister of Corporate Policy, Legislation and Intergovernmental Affairs, Gordon Cross, Executive Director of Finance, and Paul Gudaitis, Executive Director of Stakeholder and Partner Relations with the PharmaCare division. In addition, a broad range of stakeholders well-versed in the field are informing the process."

Moreover, wrote Ms. Stewart, "The Task Force recommendations relate to (among other things) changes in procurement practices and activities, organizational management and stakeholder engagement processes - issues which are arguably better facilitated by someone who is not strongly identified with the subject. Two of the recommendations stemming from the Task Force contemplate a negotiation or consultation process that would address new price and reimbursement arrangements for generic products. David and Dan would specifically be involved in developing a framework for those discussions. David is a highly experienced public servant with an economics background, while Dan is a leading expert on public sector procurement and their skills are entirely applicable to the work at hand."

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