Lost out of the woods?

Earlier, we reported the forests and range ministry's tenure and revenue executive director David Morel - along with former deputy transportation minister Dan Doyle had been appointed to implement the pharmaceutical task force's recommendations. Some might consider Mr. Morel's appointment to be curious, since forest and drug policies have little relation to one another. Although he has stickhandled at least one other controversial issue for the provincial government. According to a biography posted by the Coast Forest Products Association, prior to joining the British Columbia civil service as the forest service's international relations and trade manager, "he worked in the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Ontario government. This has left David with the somewhat dubious distinction of "resolving" the softwood lumber dispute for three different governments."

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Foreign Affairs huh? I must be crazy because I'm still not seeing how that qualifies him to implement pharmaceutical recommendations.

This story needs an accompanying cartoon. Blacque Jacques Shellaque walks into a drugstore...

(not even going to touch the softwood lumber bait... just going to back away from the keyboard)

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