Double dose

Remember the provincial government's controversial pharmaceutical task force? Well, the Campbell administration has appointed the forests and range ministry's tenure and revenue executive director David Morel and former deputy transportation minister Dan Doyle to implement its recommendations. Those appointments were announced at a stakeholder engagement session on July 17. It's expected that implementation process will take place over the next six months.


Let's look at that list again.

We have a foresty ministry tenure and revenue executive director and a former transportation deputy minister being charged with implementing pharmaceutical recommendations. Were these people former doctors that somehow ended up in forestry and transportation and revenue?

What possible connection is there between transportation, forestry and revenue to health care?

I'm stunned. Gobsmacked. Shocked.

How stupid do they think we are?

I am grateful that they didn't use the same big pharma reps that were tasked to come up with the recommendations to implement it, but IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR THESE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES TO HAVE ANY RELEVANT EXPERIENCE?

Maybe the head of the public service could kindly explain this disconnect to us lowly taxpayers. That's if Jess isn't too busy spending her 43% raise.

I too am "stunned, gobsmacked and shocked". I'm also feeling overwhelmed by everything this government has done; hard to keep track of it all. Are you aware of a list anywhere documenting all the decisions taken by the Campbell government since taking office? Is there such a list and if so, where? Thanks for any help received.

"Jess" Who the heck is "Jess" and where did s/he come from? What happened to James?

See what I mean?

How soon you forget...Tell me you jest!
Jessica McDonald? She of the 43% salary increase?

Does anyone remember the "Conversation on Health"? I attended at the Smithers gathering/seminar and it was facilitated entirely by foresters. There was not one provincial health professional in the room. The entire effort was simply to diffuse the public angst, giving those with concerns a forum to vent thereby Gordie silenced a majority of the outspoken. All handled by foresters. Very effective. On May 17, 2007 we wrote this article "Conversation on Health by Forestry" Read it here - - If someone has a list of Gordies accomplishments and shenanigans I would love to read it.

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