The price of policy

Earlier, we reported on how Decima Research Ltd.'s polling appears to have been influential in laying one of the cornerstones for the Campbell administration's climate action initiative. But how much did the Liberals splash out for that polling, you may wonder? Well, documents obtained by Public Eye via a freedom of information state the government agreed to pay a maximum of $130,500 in fees and $20,000 in expenses. Those documents also reveal the company was supposed to have submitted a "final report on qualitative findings" by the "end of week 6" - or the week of January 7, 2008. But, according to that report, Decima only got around to finishing its focus group testing "during the last 2 weeks of January, 2008." Moreover, report's .pdf is dated February 5, 2008 - just seven days before the speech from the throne announcing the government's climate action agenda.

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It took them that long to come up with a report that provided the justification for Gordon to do what he'd already decided upon?

Contractors sure are getting lazy.

Didn't that report ALSO say that "British Columbians are increasingly looking at what they can do on a daily basis to reduce their cost of living". I would love to see the base statistics that formed the basis of that report. I'd also like to know how they solicited participants for their focus groups.

Too bad FOI requests no longer seem to be a timely or accurate way to get information from the government.

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