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Tomorrow morning, on Public Eye Radio, parks board member Spencer Herbert talks about the need for a tent city in Vancouver if more homeless housing isn't built. Provincial New Democrat critic Nicholas Simons shares his thoughts on our recent report that children and family development is one of the sickiest ministries in the government. And Canadian Taxpayers Federation spokesperson Maureen Bader and British Columbia Federation of Labour president Jim Sinclair take on the Campbell administration's controversial decision to increase the maximum payable salaries for deputy ministers. Also on the show: our rabble-rousing panel - Chris Gainor, Alex Tsakumis and Allan Warnke - will debate the week that was in provincial and federal politics. You can listen to Public Eye Radio outside of Victoria by logging into CFAX 1070 between 8:30 and 10:00. If you have a question for one of our guests, you can email us or leave a comment below.


The ranks of management could be cut in half tomorrow with no ill effects on service delivery from the BC Government. They'd have to hire a few staff to approve time sheets, but that's about the only impact... aside from a big boost in morale.

As a taxpayer in this province I would prefer having a few well paid COMPETENT executives who can produce measurable deliverables and benefits as opposed to stuffing the ranks with fodder in the hopes that a percentage are capable. The damage from inept management, adms, and dms are inflicting on employees is clearly reflected in the MCF sick-day tally and many other statistics. The Danderfer family scandal was NOT an exception.

One of the reasons they are not competitive is due to the quality of management and above - no one of stature and repute would want to be associated with the BC Government. Improve that by culling the ranks of the work-shy and inept and quality staff will start applying and employee morale will improve and sick-days taken will decrease. This would be a more effective way of dealing with their staffing issues than sending muscle into people's home when they're ill.

How many people are promoted/handed/given management positions and above in return for a career of ass kissing and favour trading? How many people are promoted into management a few years prior to retirement when they have never been in a comparable position before - merely so they can get a bump in their pension dollars when then leave?

The employees in the public service report large levels of dissatisfaction with the executive ranks, their communication and hiring criteria and decisions. When the people they are supposed to be 'leading' don't believe in them - why pay them more? This only sends out a message that mediocrity and failure are rewarded. Ask anyone in government about this and you'll get an earful (if haven't disengaged mentally from their jobs).

If Gordon Campbell wants to pay people more, that's fine. I (a taxpayer who votes) want to see measures and accountabilities put in place to ensure they are delivering and performing their roles, and I want this information reported out on a regular basis to the public. I would also like to see some proof that these increasing numbers of management are warranted by real business needs.

I would love to see a group of out of country consultants sit with each of these executives for one week and report out on how they spend their time. The results would appall every single person in this province.

please tell Jim Sinclair that a massive protest must be organized re the increase in wages for deputy and assistant deputy ministers. the thought of do nothing dutoit being awarded an even higher salary makes me shake with fury.

i say, organize us to meet the premier's airplane on his return from china

Ask about thier qualifications!!!

I just discovered my 'senior' manager doesn't even have a college degree. How about the people above them?

Starting to suspect he doesn't even have a highschool diploma.

'or equivalent' my ass.

According to the Vancouver Sun, 'Lesley du Toit deputy children's minister was paid $234,180' as salary in 2007. What the article didn't mention is that she also receives $2,000 per month as a Living Allowance. With an increase of 43% as of 1st August 2008, she will be paid about $361,680 plus her Living Allowance of $24,000 per year.

If Premier Campbell and his Cabinet provided a more condusive environment that made staff feel good about the work they do, we wouldn't have to pay such exorbitant salaries to compensate for the appalling morale and to attract smart, competent staff.

MCFD and Coleman's new Ministry are good examples - you couldn't pay me enough to sit there and turn away developmentally disabled young people because their IQ is 71 or 75 instead of 70, thereby condemning them to survive in hell for as long as they can stay alive out on the mean streets.

...and you have to wonder at the sort of person you're attracting, if they're quite happy to do that for the Premier for an extra fistfull of dollars every month.

I think that it's obvious what kind of person is being hired in DM and ADM positions. The skilled/ethical/speak truth to power types have all been fired from MCFD. Those who remain are "yes madam deputy" types whose only care is for themselves, their pocketbooks and their own careers. It is sickening to think that my tax dollars are going to pay the salaries of this type of "professional".

You couldn't pay me enough either.

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