Earlier, we wondered whether the premier's deputy minister Jessica McDonald could, if she receives her maximum payable salary of $348,600, become the highest paid provincial civil service head in Canada. After all, Ontario's recently departed cabinet secretary Tony Dean was paid $301,772.17 in 2007, having joined the public service in 1998. Meanwhile, Alberta's executive council deputy minister Ron Hicks had a base salary of $257,496 in fiscal 2006/07. Under an order in council approved on July 30, the salary for that post will increase on April 1, 2009 to $264,576 - seven months after Mr. Hicks retires after a 28-year career in government.


Comparing salaries is pointless. Look at the average ceo wage compared to their employees. Totally out of whack.

How about evaluating them on what they produce instead.

I understood that senior management were evaluated on what they produce - in other words, their performance - each year before receiving a raise or what the Campbell government refers to as a "performance bonus". Whatever happened to that?

What has du toit done to merit such a "performance bonus"? One can only presume that she has done everything the Premier wants her to do - which is nothing.

And if the right offer comes down the pipe.....The "Brightest" and the "Best" scurry like a rat off a sinking ship.

Hi taxpayer

As far as I know there is only a tiny additional percentage paid to management level staff based upon employee survey satifaction results not merit.

How can they be paid on merit? They'd all be begging in the streets 'will attend meetings for cash'

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