The Sound of Policy Silence

Earlier, we broke the news former British Columbia Medical Association president Margaret MacDiarmid would be seeking the provincial Liberal nomination in Vancouver-Fairview. So what does Rick Peterson - who's also running for that nomination - have to say about her entrance into that race? Well, in an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Peterson responded, "I think it's great, Sean. Competition is going to make whoever wins it stronger. It'll make the riding stronger. And, when one of us ends up being in government, it'll be a stronger person and a stronger representative for the BC Liberal Party."

So, in the interest of competition, does Mr. Peterson have any thoughts about Dr. MacDiarmid's past controversial comments concerning changes to the public healthcare system? "Now listen, you know what, I haven't seen them. And I certainly don't want to comment on anything she's said because I haven't even met her and I haven't looked at what she's doing. And we're just focused on getting memberships in. So I'm certainly not comment on anything like that."

Indeed, when pressed about the matter, Mr. Peterson said, "We'll have our time, I'm sure, in front of the members for each of us to tell what we think. But, until then, we're just out telling our story and working hard."

"I don't know where she stands on things," he continued. "I think there will be a time for that - and that's at the nomination meeting or any forum prior to that. I'd be very willing to engage at that point. But this is day one or two that I've known she's in the race."

That being said then, does Mr. Peterson have a position on private involvement in the public healthcare system? "Nope. Nothing right now."

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