Maybe they're just being humble?

In 2007, the Campbell administration explained it spent big bucks on the premier's innovation and excellence awards because it would help recruit new civil servants. And the government used the same justification this year. But, if that's the case, why has the provincial government removed the Website promoting those awards been moved from the Internet to the public service's intranet where it can only be viewed by bureaucrats already on the government's payroll? Just askin'!

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The Premier's Awards are not hidden, they are..... I have to inform you that according to a sworn statement between myself (John Doe Public) and the BC Liberal Government via BCeID I'm not permitted to divulge what is inside BCeID website, however all that I can really say is that the Premier's Award is there to see, and in 12 other languages as well as English.

The reason for BCeID is that they want my IP address.

Which goes a long way to explaining why the World Trade University has gone bust before it opened..... John Les MLA is on the back bench because it was bad enough that he didn't forsee any problems with BC Lottery even afte Ontario Lottery found fault with their multiple winning sellers, but more because he endorsed WTU without verifying that the President wasn't even a Dr. (no degree). National Post Brian Hutchinson Friday

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