The slow pace of progress

When last the press asked about the provincial government's lackadaisical efforts to repair its broken lobbyist registry, Attorney General Wally Oppal said his deputy had issued a position paper reviewing the legislation. So has any progress been made since March? Well, speaking with Public Eye on Tuesday, Attorney General Oppal said he has, "met with the privacy commissioner" - who's responsible for the lobbyist registry - "and he has given us a report. And we'll have to study the report and move forward from there." So is there any timeline for moving forward on David Loukidelis's recommendations? "Not really. I just received it about a week and a half ago. We had quite a fruitful meeting. And he's made some suggestions. And we'll have to look at them."

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God forbid they should ever actually DO ANYTHNG!

What is going on with these people? Are they being punished if they produce anything?

This kind of lackadaisical attitude towards work if why we fired two ex government managers.

Trying to hold people of this ilk accountable is like nailing jello to a wall.

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