Meet the new boss, different then the old boss

Earlier this year, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business welcomed former provincial Liberal operations director Brian Bonney as their new British Columbia director. And, since then, Mr. Bonney has made a number of comments that have put him off-side of the Campbell administration. For example, last month, in an interview with The Province's John Bermingham, Mr. Bonney said, "The dramatic rise in energy prices since the 2008 B.C. budget makes additional taxes unnecessary and even punitive for some" - a reference to the government's new carbon tax. Speaking with The Vancouver Sun's Brian Morton, Mr. Bonney also called on the Campbell administration to "address" flagging small and medium-size business confidence in British Columbia. And, in February, Mr. Bonney called on B.C. Transit to "reconsider" its controversial proposed Douglas Street busway project in Victoria. This, according to the Times Colonist's Andrew Duffy. Fancy that!

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