Well worth the money?

We've spilled much ink ruminating on BC Railway Co. president and chief executive officer Kevin Mahoney's compensation package. But, as reported today by the Times Colonist's Les Leyne's, Mr. Mahoney isn't the only one earning big bucks at that Crown corporation. All totalled, it's five highest paid executives - including the president and chief executive officer - made $1.6 million. To put that in perspective, that's 40 percent of the corporation's labour costs and 9 percent of its revenue. Mr. Leyne also reported the fact BC Railway executives have previously had discretionary allowances, as well as lunch club and golf memberships. But the corporation's board resolved to discontinue those policies on April 2, 2008.

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My gosh we sure arn't in the right position to get big bucks for what seems to be little work. Actually I find it downright insulting that our government allows such things.Then twists words to try to justify it. Heck social programs are cut, schools closed, and the list goes on while fat cats make those wages. Sure executives cost more than basic hamberger flippers but let's get sensible. But if we have all that cash available sign me up and I'll make sure the E & N goes by our place on time each day.Some body has to ensure the flashing lights work, and that somebody could be me. I would do the job for around 100,000 with no additional benefits.

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