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Earlier, we reported on how the Pacific Northwest Economic Region has been restricting access to its annual summit - this, despite a claim by British Columbia's then minister of state for intergovernmental relations John Van Dongen that it would be "open to the public." And here's another example: according to the summit's program, there will be three invitation-only roundtables - including one on border issues moderated by Minister Van Dongen, the province's new solicitor general. Fancy that! The following is a complete copy of the descriptions of those roundtables.

Energy Horizons Roundtable: (Invitation Only Session) - Salon D
Mapping the region's energy future - Invitation Only session with the
Region's Energy Ministers, Legislative Energy Chairs and Energy Horizon Partners.
Jeff Morris - Director, Energy Horizons, LLC

Innovation: Vice Presidents of Research Roundtable (Invitation Only) - Cowichan Room, 2nd Level Convention Centre
British Columbia's Ministry of Advanced Education and PNWER invites VP's of Research, representing research universities in the PNWER region and Saskatchewan to come together to explore common interests, regional research competencies and opportunities for collaboration during the PNWER Annual Summit.
Don Avison - President, University Presidents' Council of British Columbia
Hosted by:
British Columbia Ministry of Technology, Trade and Economic Development

Border Issues: Roundtable Discussion on 2010 Winter Games, Border Issues and the Pacific Gateway (Invitation Only) - Stanley Park Ballroom 3, 2nd Level Convention Centre
Hon. James Moore - Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific Gateway, 2010 Olympics and Official Languages
Hon. John van Dongen - Minister of Public Safety, Solicitor General

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Taken from a media release from PWNER:

The Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER) is a regional U.S.-Canadian forum dedicated to encouraging global economic competitiveness and preserving our world-class natural environment. Its member states include: Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and the Yukon. PNWER is recognized by both the United States and Canada as the “model” for regional and bi-national cooperation because of its proven success. PNWER is a respected voice and resource for our region, and provides the public and private sectors a cross-border forum for unfiltered dialogue that capitalizes upon the synergies between business leaders and government who work to advance the region’s economic strength and sustainability. To learn more visit


provides the public and private sectors a cross-border forum for unfiltered dialogue

Unfiltered? They need to change that line to reflect the costs and restrictions they've put in place.

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