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Earlier, we exclusively reported the provincial government has put the knife in a major potential information technology deal with IBM Canada Ltd. In an email to Public Eye, the ministry of labour and citizens' services declined to elaborate on the reasons it couldn't "reach a satisfactory contract" with the company because "the procurement process is still in progress." And that's also why the ministry has declined to reveal the value of that contract. Although the labour and citizens' services did say there was "no mechanism or obligation to make any payments" to IBM as part of the negotiation process.

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Let's get back to basics and take a long hard look at the premise for awarding all of these out-sourcing contracts. I would love to know how a **profit driven american firm** is going to deliver better service at a lower price. The taxpaying public have a right to know that their money is being managed properly before yet another 'resource'/cash cow is handed over to the private sector.

Granted but public sector is bloated, but not all government employees make $569,000.00 a year, so what is the justification for giving up our governments computer systems infrastructure to a private firm?

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