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By 2015, 45 percent of provincial government managers will be eligible for retirement. But it looks like the Campbell administration is already having trouble filling those posts. For example: last month, labour and citizens services quietly announced it would directly awarding a contract worth up to $75,000 to Nancy Keehr, who was retiring as the information systems director with the ministry's accomodation and release services division. According to a document posted on BC Bid, "attempts to fill the position of Director were unsuccessful." And, because Ms. Keehr "possesses unique knowledge about ARES and it's current projects" she's been re-hired to transfer her knowledge to "the current acting Information Systems Director of Information Management" and "provide mentoring to IS staff" among other services. The following is a complete copy of the notice to intent to award that contract, which has an end date of September 30 with an option to renew for an additional six months.

Summary Details:
NOI #ON-001581

Notice is hereby given by the Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services (LCS), Accommodation and Real Estate Services (ARES) of its intent to direct a contract to Nancy Keehr until September 30, 2008 with an option to renew for up to an additional 6 months for the provision of a variety of services including but not necessarily limited to:

- Knowledge transfer to the current acting Information Systems Director of Information Management and technology functions and Project Cornerstone responsibilities;

- Develop and recommend processes for strategic planning of future releases and enhancements to Tririga, other line of business information systems, and business processes;

- Provide requirements for a RFP for ongoing support an development of Tririga based on knowledge of the ARES IS and business organization, processes and capabilities; and

- Provide mentoring to IS staff.

The contract value will not exceed a value of $75,000.00.

The Ministry has chosen not to call for proposals at this time for the following reasons:

- This contractor was the previous Director of the Information Management Branch who has recently retired from Government and possesses unique knowledge about ARES and
it's current projects;

- Attempts to fill the position of Director previously were unsuccessful;

- The contract requires the in depth knowledge of ARES Information Systems branch with respect to the knowledge of legacy systems integration into the new Tririga System and this contractor as past Director possesses that unique knowledge

- Retention of this person until Cornerstone is complete will minimize risks of service disruption to ARES and their customers.

Service providers wishing to object to this decision must contact Ralph Keenan, Procurement Specialist, by facsimile at (250) 387-7309 on or before 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time, June 23, 2008, 2008 presenting, in writing, specific reasons for their objection. If justified, the Ministry will convene a meeting with Ministry representatives and the
service providers to receive representations concerning this contract.

A service provider's ability to offer the services resulting in no or limited risk to business disruption and the same or better solutions at the same or a lower cost in the same time frame will be the key criterion with regard to the consideration of objections.


Welcome to the brain trust that's been running the show over the past 7 years. They got rid of so many people through early retirement, voluntary departures and failed to fill vacancies. The Peter Principle abounds in the promotion of butt kissing underlings to middle-management & senior positions. The entire public service is filled with people who either were promoted to their level of incompetence, or are burning out on the frontlines. And, a whole lot of smart folks take the goodies they're offered (little bits of training and relocations) & then get out.

The BC government although aware of the demographic tsunami about to hit is hemorrhaging hardworking, intelligent people and real leaders. Most frontliners are simply counting the time until they can retire and don't have to put up with the mismanagement, stupidity, waste and incompetence anymore. And their union simply sits on their hands and turns a blind eye to it all.

Another problem the Public Service Agency has in hiring is the use of behavioural interviewing to screen the good little "worker bees" (and that includes Directors and senior staff who will shut up & do what they're told) from people who actually are intelligent, innovative leaders. Recently, a senior analyst from L&CS made it known she didn't have a clue about some of the changes to legislation her own employer had made that disadvantaged employees. Her lack of knowledge about her own Ministry was shocking.

Unfortunately, the BC government can whistle their praises all they want, they are NOT an employer of choice to most people who work for them (and everyone they tell) and they might be wise to find out why.

With these newer generations, they are looking at gaping holes they have no hope of filling, because gen X's & Y's won't remotely put up with the kind of treatment older generations will. The labour market has shifted and PSA hasn't caught up with that yet.

An interesting FOI for some clever soul to do would be attrition rate by age and occupation.

Sean, I hope you post this, I know you've declined to put other posts up, most tax payers truly do not know how badly their own government is being managed. This is part of the explanation for that. If this were a business, the CEO and all of his senior staff would have been fired long ago.

Be it the BC Govt or the Federal Govt, there's a tendency to hire back favoured managers and executives "on contract". Since they are technically not employees, they can collect their pension and their paycheque as well, once that paycheque has been legalistically repackaged as a service contract rather than regular wages.

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