Meanwhile, on the home front

Last month, Joan McIntyre was appointed the Campbell administration's new minister of state for intergovernmental relations. So, given her new responsibilities, we thought it might be prudent to ask Ms. McIntyre what measures she intends to take to ensure there isn't a conflict between her role as a member of British Columbia's executive council and her husband Andrew Pottinger's activities as a registered lobbyist.

Well, in a written statement issued to Public Eye, intergovernmental relations secretariat strategic communications manager Jamie Edwardson tells us, Tthe minister is required to meet the requirements of the Members' Conflict of Interest Act. This includes disclosing any conflict of interest or apparent conflict of interest, withdrawing from any meetings without voting or participating in consideration of the matter, and refraining at all times from attempting to influence the matter - as set out in the act. Like every minister and as required under the act, the minister will be providing a comprehensive disclosure to the conflict of interest commissioner."

According to Ms. McIntyre's most recent public disclosure statement, the West Vancouver-Garibaldi legislator and her husband each own 50 percent of AJ Pottinger & Associates Ltd. The company is listed as receiving professional fees from Andrew Peller Ltd., British Pacific Properties Ltd., Delsom Estates Ltd., Ivanhoe Cambridge II Inc., London Drugs Ltd., Guildford Town Centre Ltd., Pridham Development Inc., Larco Investments Ltd., Staburn Property Group Ltd., Springbank Development Ltd., Mayne Island Resorts and the Delta School District. Mr. Pottinger is presently registered to actively lobby on behalf of Andrew Peller.

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