Thanks for nothing?

Given the provincial Liberal's propensity for hand-picking candidates, there was never any doubt Moira Stilwell, the head of nuclear medicine at Saint Paul's and Surrey Memoiral hospitals, would be running for the party in Vancouver-Langara during the next election. Nevertheless, in an email to supporters, Dr. Stilwell writes she could have never done so "without your help." Which is why she's invited them to a party on July 8. The following is a copy of that invite.

As you may know, the first stage of my political ambitions will be complete on July 9th when I will be nominated at the candidate selection meeting for Vancouver-Langara. I could not and would not have done it without your help.

A Party and Personal Thank you!

For my friends and family who have
been of such great help and wonderful support. I hope you can join us on

Tuesday, July 8th


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