Heard it through the grape vine

Earlier this month, former Vincor International Inc. president and chief executive officer Don Triggs was appointed a BC Hydro Corp. director. According to a biography provided by the government's board resourcing and development office, Mr. Triggs, a former Brock University trustee and Ivey Business School governor, has been "presented with a number of prestigious awards" including honourary doctorate degrees from Brock and Ryerson University. But what that biography doesn't mention is his relationship with former small business and revenue minister Rick Thorpe. So we will. In June 2001, The Vancouver Sun's Gillian Shaw reported Mr. Triggs was the senior partner in Mr. Thorpe's former winery. Commenting on that partnership, the legislator was quoted as saying Mr. Triggs "had a vision, he had leadership. He believed that if we decided where we wanted to go and worked as a team, why couldn't we do as well as the Americans, the Chileans, and the New Zealanders, and we did." In 2006, we reported on Mr. Thorpe long-standing association with Vincor.

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