All drugged up

The provincial government has recently been lambasted for pandering to brand-name drug companies. This, after the Campbell administration accepted the recommendations of its pharmaceutical task force, which was stacked with representatives from the drug industry. And now Public Eye has learned Canada's Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies or Rx&D - the brand-names' lobbying association - may even have given the task force a hand completing some of its homework.

The last page of its report states, "Industry will provide staffing, information and research supports through Rx and D at no charge to the Task Force budget." Isn't that generous of them? Ask for comment, New Democrat health critic Adrian Dix said, "I think it would be ironic if it wasn't so serious. This task force, dominated by industry, has recommend and the government has accepted the dismantling of an independent body that protects the public" - a reference to the Therapeutics Initiative, an independent research group that provides "up to date, evidence based, practical information on rational drug therapy."

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By the time this government is finished we will be totally privatized.

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